Kinect Angles version 1

ImageI have completed my first proper Kinect educational game (I’m not counting my Kinect Pong as educational) and it is ready for anyone who wants to test it for me. I’ve tried my best to make an educational Kinect game that is actually a good game as well as being educational. Some of the features I’ve incorporated take a nod to one of the most popular commerical games on Kinect “Dance Central” by incorporated a “2 player battle mode” and by showing (and saving) photos of the gamers/learners in action which play back at the end of the game.


The game should help reinforce Maths in a fun way at around Primary 5/6/7 up to S1 with Angles, Percentages, Fractions and Decimals all covered. The teacher can differentiate to match the abilities of the learners as the game has varying levels of difficulty. It promotes active learning methodologies. Pupils are engaging with their learning in a physical and multi-sensory manner, meeting the needs of different learning styles; aural, visual and kinaesthetic.

Pupils can work individually or in pairs within a whole class lesson so it caters to different teaching methods.

The game has different levels of difficulty, enabling the teacher to differentiate.  There is the capacity to cater for right or left handed user thus meeting learners needs.

Furthermore the game is motivating and fun.  If desired, a competitive element can be selected in a 2 player mode.

I carried out my first pilot for the game this week in Lochfield Primary School in Paisley with their Primary 6, the school children really enjoyed it and soon got the hang of when to pose for the camera at the end of rounds. When asked what they thought of it, without prompting the P6 pupils gave the following feedback.

“I liked that the game was physical. That helps me learn it better.”

“It’s active and you understand it better than just doing it in your jotter.”

“This is much more fun and helps you with your work.”

YouTube video showing how the game is played:


2 thoughts on “Kinect Angles version 1

  1. My next stage is to install the new official non-Beta release of Kinect SDK and make sure the game works with that also.

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