Kinect Angles pilot at East Fulton Primary in Linwood

I tested Kinect Angles with Primary 6 from East Fulton Primary today. I also gave them a go of xQuiz from my xGames range of educational games. Kinect Angles went down really well and I think it really did reinforce and even remind them on the areas of Angles, Decimals and Fractions. I had 2 pupils up at a time in battle mode which was really fun and it was very much active learning. The whole class was fully engaged, glued to the screen while they took it in turns to play the game in pairs.

We then tried out xQuiz which uses XBOX wireless controllers as buzzers for multiple choice quizzes. The class split into 4 groups for this, so every member of the class was taking part at all points during the quiz. We got each student to take turns holding the controller to avoid them fighting over it. This game really encourages group work as they huddle together to come up with an answer, although whispering really wasn’t there strong point. It also tests their knowledge and reinforces learning at the same time. It became really competitive during the two Maths quizzes that we did. We finished it off with a fun quiz on pop trivia (Simpsons, Glee, Footie & pop music), which they really enjoyed.

The session finished when I recorded the pupils (on my iPhone) doing some cheers which I will incorporate into the Kinect Angles game later. I had forgotten that I intended to do this, but the pupils didn’t let me go until I had done it.

So all in all a very positive experience. I have emailed a quia survey link to the class teacher which the students will fill in later to provide feedback.

If anyone else is trying the game with their students please ask them to complete the following survey:
Quia Survey on Kinect Angles


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