xGames Update

xGames were the first proper educational games that I have created. The project began in January 2011 when Reid Kerr College was informed by JISC that their xGames bid had been successful in its bid for funding. In collaboration with Chris Gillies (a creative arts student at RKC) I went ahead and created 4 separate educational games, all of which had some element of multiple choice questioning involved. These games were completed around January of 2012.

The idea of the games would be that teachers could easily create quizzes on any subject and use these games with up to 4 groups of learners at a time. Each group would use a Wireless XBOX360 controller linked wirelessly to a Windows PC running the games to compete against the other 3 groups. Each game took a slightly different approach, with xBots being the most ambitious and the game which would appeal most to the hardcore gamer, as it was a split screen, third person shooter which also incorporated multiple choice questions. xQuiz however has proved the most popular with learners of all types from young children to more mature students in their 60s.

I intend to write more in this blog later, but right now I’m just going to post some pictures and videos of the games, along with links where you can download the very latest version of the games, which include a few bug fixes since the last release.

The games currently use XNA3.1 runtime, but I plan to update this soon to XNA4.

Pictures of the games

Download Links
Download xGames version 2.2 (using XNA4 which is now included in the installer).

Videos of xGames in play

Visit official xGames project website by clicking here.

To buy a wireless XBOX360 Controller that comes with the USB Windows wireless receiver click here.

Article on xGames by the online magazine JISC inform.


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