Kinect Games v2.42

This will come as a shock to you all, but I made a mistake with the last release of Kinect Games :-(. In my haste to release the all in one installer of my Kinect Games, I failed to properly test it. I was told by a reliable source at MS that I didn’t need to package up the full Kinect SDK 1.5 with my games, just the 1.5 runtime; turns out that isn’t the case. I had tested my installer on my multiple PCs, however they were all mine and they all already had Kinect SDK 1.5 on them, so it worked fine. However I tested it today on a machine without the SDK and the games wouldn’t run. I have also changed all 3 applications so that an error message will appear and ask you to plug in Kinect if you haven’t done so; previously if you ran them without Kinect plugged in nothing would happen, they wouldn’t even launch.

So go ahead and download the new and improved Kinect Games all in one installer by clicking here.

Kinect Angles being played at ALT-C 2012 at Manchester University

Kinect Time being played at the High School of Glasgow – Junior School


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