Another busy week using Games to Learn

Another interesting week at Reid Kerr College, on Monday afternoon myself and Cherry Briggs MBE met with Mark Ratter from East Renfrewshire Council. We spoke about and demonstrated the games based learning tools and the CPD training we can offer teachers in Games Development using tools like Scratch, Kodu etc. The funny thing was, when I met Mark we both thought we knew each other, but neither of us realised until after the meeting that we go to the same Church. This is the second time this has happened recently, so I’ve requested a Church directory with pictures from our Pastor to help me with this :).

Demonstrating Kinect Angles to Mark Ratter

On Wednesday Dave Sharp from Binary Asylum came into the college and spoke with our Games Students about routes into the games industry and what to expect once you get into it. Dave has worked in the games industry for almost 30 years, for various companies including Virgin Media and has worked on games such as Fallout and NBA Jam. His work has taken him all over the world and he shared his experiences of working in the UK, Sweden, USA and Hong Kong. He was also one of the main people behind the successful train2game blended learning course on Games Development.

He shared experiences and offered some great advice. He also gave some invaluable tips about creating a portfolio of work and what employers expect from graduates. After the main lecture and Q&A session, he came up to our games lab and spoke to our 2nd year HND students and they got a chance to quiz him in a smaller group. Dave is hoping to arrange for some of our students to visit one of his games companies in Scotland, which will be an invaluable experience for them.

Dave Sharp speaking with RKC Games Students

On Friday I did another online web conference/chat about my xGames and Kinect educational games. This time with GameToLearn and this week the web conference tool of choice was Skype. The chat was recorded and they will be posting it on their fb page soon. They are interested in the Gamification of educational resources to engage children in their learning, which is right up my street and hopefully it will encourage more teachers to make use of my educational games.

I finished the week by adding the facility into my xGames to add wave sound files to questions, which should be useful especially for music teachers.  I will be posting this version of xGames very soon.

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