Makey Makey

If you haven’t seen Makey Makey have a look at this amazing piece of kit. It basically simulates a USB keyboard and mouse, but allows you to map things connected to the Makey Makey board to keyboard buttons and mouse buttons. The exciting bit is the “things” that you can map, which are basically any objects (including human beings) which conduct electricity. Watch the video below and you will get the idea.

Gareth Ritter of askthemusicteacher fame, pointed me in the direction of Makey Makey and asked me if I could write a program to map keyboard buttons to slides in PowerPoint, so that he could map real world objects to different slides in a slideshow. I put this together using C# and you can download it below.

Click here to download Powerpoint Controller for use with Makey Makey.

It requires XNA4 runtime (a bit unnecessary I realise but I was reusing code from an XNA game to save time) and will run on Windows XP, Windows 7 & Windows 8.

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