Kinect Magic Cursor version 1.7 with Gesture support

I am releasing a new version of Kinect Magic Cursor which works much like the last version except it now uses gestures to simulate the left mouse button, instead of raising your left hand. So now your right hand controls the mouse pointer and you can PRESS with your left hand to simulate a single left mouse button click. You can also GRIP (make a fist) with your right hand to simulate holding down the left mouse button for dragging, selecting etc. To stop holding it down you simply RELEASE (stop making a fist). I went with the LEFT hand for PRESS rather than the right hand as I found pressing with the RIGHT hand tending to move the cursor and made it hard to click on small buttons.

Download it from the links below, unzip it and double-click on the .EXE file to run it. You require Windows 7 or Windows 8, XNA4 runtime and Kinect SDK 1.7 installed.

Click here to download Kinect Magic Cursor V1.7 in zip format.

Click here to download Kinect Magic Cursor v1.7 with C# source code in zip format. I wrote it using Visual C# 2010 and XNA4.

36 thoughts on “Kinect Magic Cursor version 1.7 with Gesture support

  1. Interesting to see research being done in a college setting, David. There isn’t much of a gap between the 1990’s unis and the new colleges. Indeed, possibly most 1990’s uni lecturers don’t do any. Do you want to join Bill G as a member of the editorial board of The Computer Games Journal? It was the only survivor from the TuDocs crash and is quite alive and willing. There is no great obligation from, unless you like to read the odd paper. Check it out at

    Ta – John.

  2. I’m trying to run magic cursor on Windows 8.1 and with SDK 1.8 but it is not working. When I open it, the window will not appear unless I hover over the taskbar, but when I select the taskbar icon to display the magic cursor window, it disappears again.

    Is magic cursor v1.7 compatible with Windows 8.1 and SDK 1.8?

  3. hi when i tried to open the magic cursor it says error please connect the kinect TO THE pc but i installed SDK v1.7. still its not recognising any help pls.

  4. Mine is running fine, but the cursor keeps trembling all the time, and the “sensitivity” seems too low, if I move my hand one side to another, the cursor barely moves half of the screen (I’m using 1920×1080 in resolution), Is there a way to configure it?

  5. Hi, we’re hoping to use your utility as part of a wall-sized virtual fish tank in our office, where fish will follow an invisible mouse (so it looks like they will follow people who walk past the wall). But because we need to mount our Kinect on the opposite wall the X mouse movement is inverted. Is there a way to invert the mouse controls in the Magic Cursor application, so moving left moves the cursor to the right?

    1. Yeah that will work fine. What are you writing the virtual fish tank in? There is actually a better way of doing it than using the magic cursor. You can coordinate map a point on the body to where they would actually be and then direct the fish to that point.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply!

        We’re throwing together a few technologies to achieve this. The fish tank itself is a custom build of a screensaver that already has the ‘follow the mouse’ functionality, so Magic Cursor works perfectly with it. We’ve built a working proof of concept and the only thing outstanding is inverting the mouse direction. We want to avoid flipping the image on the projector if at all possible, so something on the mouse level would seem to solve the problem the easiest.

      1. I’m sorry i cant find the download link for the V2 version – the site doesn’t seem to display correctly on my computer. Could you send me a direct download link please

  6. Hi. All v2 applications work fine on windows 10, but the mouse courser keeps crashing on launch. Do you have any solution? I’m actually only looking for the courser function.

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