I am an Extended Lecturer in Computing at Reid Kerr College in Paisley where I teach mostly Games Development at NC, HNC and HND level. I have a particular fondness for Microsoft Visual C# and XNA. I’ve been looking recently at using XNA with the Kinect SDK and with Windows Phone. I am interested in innovative ways of using technology in education and encouraging partnerships between different types of educational institutions to make the best use of technology, resources and skill sets.


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  1. I want to have kinect only pick up speech from a user who is directly in front of it. I don’t want noise or people talking on the right or left to be detected. Or if the user moves to the right or left of the kinect. Is this possible?

    var audioSource = this.Kinect.AudioSource;
    audioSource.BeamAngleMode = BeamAngleMode.Adaptive;
    var kinectStream = audioSource.Start();
    I have played around with ManualBeamAngle, but do not think that is what I want.

    Was not sure how else to contact you.
    Any help would be appreciated. cp

  2. You’ve got some great games here! We’d love to explore a possible partnership… You can see some of the games that we’ve done for Kinect. Email me and I can send you some of our games to try.

  3. Hi would you please tell me how can I use skeleton tracking ID in SDK 1.7 to detect only one skeleton at a time?! I am using C# WPF application. I couldn’t find any example about SDK 1.7 over the forums.

    1. I will post my source for my games on the blog soon. That may help, however as soon as I get a minute I’m planning on updating my games to make use of Kinect SDK v1.8. Also my games are written with C# with XNA, not using WPF, so the code will be different to what you need. I’m sure there was examples for WPF with the developer toolkit for SDK v1.7. Are you wanting to detect only one skeleton or two skeletons, but read their values separately?

  4. I really appreciate for your kindly reply. Yes I want to detect only one skeleton on this wpf application. Actually on the Example on the toolkit they didn’t mention anything about the trackingID and most of the example on the internet is for the beta version of the Kinect SDK. I would be appreciate if you can help me on this.

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