Kinect Games v2.6 featuring Math Mage

This release of Kinect Games includes the all new Math Mage. Math Mage is an educational game which helps students with numeracy, including ODD, EVEN and PRIME numbers as well as times tables from 3 through to 12. Math Mage has similar gameplay to fruit ninja, but you use your hand to swipe rather than doing a swipe with your finger on a touch device. The objective of the game is to swipe through pages with correct numbers, but not through pages with incorrect numbers. The pages of your magic book have been enchanted and are escaping, but they are numbered, which lets you know which ones are the correct pages to put back into your book. Everytime you swipe through a page with a correct number you gain 5 points, however when you swipe through a wrong number you lose one of your 5 lives. The game ends when you lose all your lives or when the timer runs out. You gain a bonus 5 points at the end of the game for each life you have remaining.


Click here to download Kinect Games. Once you run the installer it will create shortcuts on your desktop for the different Kinect Games. Kinect Games v2.6 is for Windows 7 or Windows 8 desktop mode. It will work with both Kinect for Windows or a standard XBOX360 Kinect plugged into a Windows7/8 machine.

If you already have Kinect v1.6 installed and want a quicker download, click here for a version of the installer without Kinect SDK 1.6.

Math Mage has a couple of keyboard functions, which are not as yet documented in the game, one of these is the ability on the main menu to move the camera angle up and down by using the UP & DOWN arrow keys. The other feature is that you can take the background away during the game and display live video feed from Kinect instead. To do this press S for show video and to cancel the video stream press the SPACE BAR.

Video showing Math Mage in play